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Kingston Memory support for Microsoft Hyper-V

Exciting new opportunity to sell more Kingston server memory.

Microsoft® has officially released Hyper-V™, its new virtualization product for servers. This is great news for resellers, as it creates an even bigger opportunity to increase the margin on your Microsoft attach sales.

Server virtualization has created a big opportunity for the reseller market. Helping your customers select the right products ensures a solid foundation for their virtual infrastructure, where server memory plays a vital role, and using Kingston® server memory provides you with a margin opportunity to help build your profitability.

When you recommend Kingston server memory, you can rest assured that your customer’s virtualized environment is sound. Made from quality components, Kingston server memory is rigorously tested and backed by a lifetime warranty and 24/7 technical support. Add our KingstonCare support program, and you have all the right tools to help build your customer’s virtual infrastructure.

Please contact me so that we can discuss any Microsoft Hyper-V or other Kingston server memory opportunities you may have.

Liesl Schwoebel
Branded Memory Product and Strategic Alliance Marketing Manager
Kingston Technology Company, Inc.
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Your Guide to Kingston Mobile Phone Memory

Your mobile handset comes with a limited amount of memory, generally 20–50MB. It’s usually not enough to keep up with the phones’ features.
With Kingston memory in the expansion slot of a mobile phone, consumers can enjoy more music, capture more photos, play more mobile games, watch movies and load up on applications.

Details in this PDF document:
Your Guide to Kingston Mobile Phone Memory PDF