What is RENEWSolv?

  • Grow your service revenue
  • Increase renewal rates and sell more services
  • Gain reliable information for registering and renewing service contracts
  • Automate delivery of service quotes
  • Help your channel partners transact service contract sales

Do you struggle with a cumbersome process to manage and sell your services, software subscriptions, and renewals?

RENEWSolv helps manufacturers rapidly identify, engage, and capture new and renewed maintenance service revenue, increasing overall sales opportunities by as much as 150%.

Our interactive RENEWSolv portal unlocks the full potential of your service sales and marketing ROI by empowering you with a powerful service contract management resource. Driven by our powerful data management services, RENEWSolv unites existing, multi-party data sources; cleanses and transforms that data into relevant and usable information; and presents it through our secure RENEWSolv platform to drive your channel partners to take action.

We work with you to integrate your renewal logic into the platform, which cuts costs through automation, increases visibility of your offerings, and improves your mix of high-margin sales. RENEWSolv delivers a seamless, significant improvement to your maintenance services business, enabling you to view, administer, and apply relevant warranty and service contract data to generate new business and extend existing relationships.

RENEWSolv's comprehensive software platform is an industry-first, and one more example of SYNNEX's commitment to our valued vendor partners.