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Advance Replacement Terms and Conditions

SYNNEX: SYNNEX Canada Limited, the provider and seller of the service;
Reseller: The company who buys the service from SYNNEX Canada directly;
Customer: The customer who has the defective unit and is requesting advance replacement RMA

By accessing SYNNEX business-to-business e-Commerce sites, and specifically by purchasing certain services by SYNNEX, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions (as modified from time to time) and each time you access SYNNEX you reassert your agreement. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, then you may not access or use SYNNEX.

SYNNEX is providing an advance replacement program for the product it sells to minimize product downtime for its customers and to add to the basic warranty service of the manufacturer by purchasing this additional program, you agree as follows:

1. The coverage of this advance replacement service effect from physical hardware ship date from SYNNEX to the last day of the term customer buying.

2. Advance Replacement Service procedure:

a) When customer finds a product is defective, customer is to call SYNNEX tech support 1-877-365-7789 or email techsupport@SYNNEX.com for basic troubleshooting. If SYNNEX tech support determines a replacement is necessary, a request for an advance replacement RMA will be made.
b) If the customer has no SYNNEX account, customer will complete a credit card authorization form supplied by SYNNEX before the advance replacement RMA is issued. If any fee described below applies, the fee is charged to the customer’s credit card.
c) SYNNEX ships new or refurbished unit to customer.
d) Customer receives replacement unit and promptly ships the defective unit back to SYNNEX with the provided shipping label and waybill;

3. SYNNEX’s responsibility:

a) Turnaround time: If completed request received before 2:00PM ET, SYNNEX will ship the replacement unit the same day; if completed request received after 2:00PM ET, SYNNEX will make every effort to ship the same day however will guarantee to ship the unit on second business day. The RMA# must be issued by email before shipment of the replacement.
b) SYNNEX will only ship a properly working replacement unit(s)
c) SYNNEX will provide instruction for defective unit(s) return, including shipping label and return shipping waybill
d) SYNNEX will prepay both ways shipping cost in advance. The replacement unit will be shipped by air (ship by ground if air shipment does not apply) and return waybill will be provided as “ground” shipping.

4. Customer/Reseller’s responsibility

a) Reseller must register advance replacement program covered units with SYNNEX service center within 30 days after the unit ship out from SYNNEX (provide S/N and invoice number to techsupport@SYNNEX.com ).
b) Customer must provide full detail in RMA request to maximize processing time, such as invoice number, defective unit S/N, shipping address, contact person, defective unit problem description, etc.
c) Turnaround time: Customer must return the defective units within 5 business days after receiving the replacement units. (Based on courier delivery date and the unit pick up date by courier)
d) Customer must ship the defective unit back to SYNNEX with original packaging if the packaging is not damaged. If the packaging is damaged during shipping, customer must provide its own proper packaging to ensure a safe shipment to SYNNEX.
e) It is customer’s responsibility to remove all old shipping waybill, air shipping label from original packaging and affix new shipping label and waybill, provided by SYNNEX, on outside of the box; Failure to do so, will mean any extra shipping cost or lost unit will be charged back to customer’s account.
f) Customer must return all components and accessories related to the defective unit to SYNNEX.

5. Program coverage

a) This advance replacement program only covers those defects already covered by manufacturer warranty. Cable, battery and accessories, etc. normally are not covered. Check the specific manufacturer warranty policy for detail.
b) The replacement unit will be registered and covered in this program automatically until the original unit coverage expires.

6. NPF and CID unit

a) NPF (No Problem Found) unit
Before customer ships the unit back to SYNNEX, customer will determine it is a true defective unit. If a unit returned as a “defective unit” is found to be NPF after fully technical test, a $50 processing fee will apply to customer’s account for each replacement.
b) CID (Customer Induced Damage) unit
i. CID unit is defined as any defect in the products or parts caused by misuse, neglect, accident, abuse, improper repair , alteration or modification by customer, or any act in violation of the original selling conditions of the product by manufacturer.
ii. In order to minimize downtime for customer, customer can request advance replacement, however, if the unit returned to SYNNEX is determined to be a CID unit, parts cost and $75/hour repair labor fee will apply. Customer will be notified by email on repair cost and the cost will be charged to customer’s account.

7. Delayed return
- If customer fails to return the unit on time (defined in 5.C. above), SYNNEX will charge customer’s account $10 per day up to the unit MSRP. This charge is not refundable unless customer can provide POD (Proof of Delivery) that indicates customer did return the unit on time.

8. Missing components – If customer fails to return the complete unit to SYNNEX, customer will be notified to ship the missing parts to SYNNEX, shipping cost paid by customer, within 5 business days. A failure to do so will permit SYNNEX to charge the cost of missing part to customer’s account; this charge is not refundable for delay return.

9. Courier lost or damaged – It is SYNNEX’s responsibility to claim to courier if the replacement unit is damaged or lost by courier and to ship another replacement to customer. It is customer’s responsibility to claim to courier if the return unit is damaged or lost by courier, full price will be charged to customer’s account.


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