Integrated Communications

Integrated Communications

Arguably one of the most influential mega trends in the data communications market today is Integrated Communications (IC). This convergence of key technologies (applications, voice, video, data and mobile devices) is allowing businesses to reinvent and radically enhance how they interact with customers, and collaborate internally. This new emerging set of technologies securely connect an organization’s most important assets (people, ideas and information) instantly on a single IP network to a wide range of devices – regardless of where they may be.

According to the Wainhouse Research they estimate that the entire IC product market will be $18.5 B in 2008 growing to $24.6 B by 2012.

Addressing your Customer’s Business Communications Needs. Offering a best-in-class Integrated Communications solution provides your business with the ability to dramatically improve the ways your clients communicate. No technology solution could have a larger or more wide reaching effect on your customer’s business. With over half of surveyed businesses stating that they are (or will be) in the process of moving to IC – with 70% of businesses implementing VoIP communications solutions as a first step - there is a well-defined need and opportunity for genuine business growth.

The Support you need – Today, Tomorrow|Together.
The key to converting this opportunity into business profitability is having the support of a leading distribution partner with the ability to aid you in the development and support of Integrated Communications solutions

  • Powered by more than 200 SYNNEX dedicated professionals extends your capabilities, while reducing your diversification risks.
  • Partnerships with leading communications manufacturers with cross vendor support and solution development from SYNNEX give you a unique competitive edge – and the power
    to succeed.
  • Pre and Post Sales to provide configuration support and technical requirements
  • Professional Services to perform IC assessments on your behalf