Integrated Communications

Support and Services

The SYNNEX Commitment to our Reseller
The SYNNEX Integrated Communications Group goes beyond the traditional role of a Value Add Distributor (VAD) by leveraging the combined strengths of SYNNEX Corporation and our Strategic Vendors, in a customized support structure for our Partner Resellers.

With SYNNEX Integrated Communcations, you are given the focus and attention your business deserves. Our experienced staff will utilize our unique custom developed applications to build a process that is built around your business and your service level requirements. Whether it is setting inventory levels, coordinating a product rollout, or developing a special vendor program, SYNNEX can do it in an effective manner for you and your end users.

Growing with you, your Dedicated UC Sales Contact will be your single point of contact, and is positioned to leverage all of the UC resources and systems to your advantage. They know your business and can “make it happen” within the complex world of Technical Product Distribution. Each member of your SYNNEX UC team plays a key role in providing you with timely solutions, coordinated through your key contact, to assure your goals are met for you and your end user customers.