Integrated Communications

Implementation, Design & Validation

As companies grow over time, so do their datacenters. The regular business cycles of expansion, contraction, spin-offs, and acquisitions create datacenter needs that grow in complexity. If your customers are unprepared to meet these changing demands, internal inefficiencies develop, operating costs soar, and pressure on budgets and resources begins to build dramatically.

With more than 25 years of hands-on experience in datacenter innovation, SYNNEX understands exactly what you need, from both business and technological perspectives. We offer an array of services–from datacenter strategy to design–that help you meet your customers’ growing datacenter challenges.

SYNNEX Design Services:
Below are some real-life examples of how SYNNEX’ Design Team helps customers develop and deploy solutions, by knowing the right questions to ask:

An e-Commerce company needs to replace its application servers running Java code in order to handle increased customer demand.

What modern server technology is best and how many servers are required to reach the desired SLA?

An Effects company needs to perform quasi-real-time video processing on a digitized 8TB movie.

What processing, I/O, and storage options permit this to happen efficiently?

A large Manufacturer needs to run a number of floating-point intensive modeling codes.

What combination and number of processors, memory subsystem, and software environment will provide the best, balanced implementation? What interconnect, storage method(s), compilers, and libraries will produce the best results?