Integrated Communications

Data Networking

Communications is entering a new phase of rapid growth. Adoption of new technologies, applications and devices are creating a broad range of new functionality when combined with existing infrastructure. The result is anticipated growth that is 10x greater than the overall IT market!.

51.5%... CAGR Integrated Communications WW Market Growth… Now-2012• $15.9B… Total UC WW Revenue Projection… 2012• Professional Services Revenue will increase from 18% to 40% of UC spend by 2012

SYNNEX offers solutions – from data to voice and network security products – that assist your customer in eliminating or reducing expenses such as equipment, maintenance, support and administration workload, staffing, office space, inventory, travel expenses, telephone tolls, and conferencing services.


  • Small business networks requiring wireless connectivity
  • Medium-to-large businesses concerned about the security risks of extending wireless access to a product network
  • Organizations with satellite branches or campus environments where secure networking or roaming is required

Be it Small, Mid-Size or Enterprise customers, SYNNEX has the depth and experience to help you meet your customer needs.